Frequently asked questions

Are Morning Fresh products greywater safe/septic tank safe?

All Morning Fresh wash water can be safely deposited down the drain into a properly designed and maintained septic tank system. We do not recommend that grey water from dishwashers and sinks be used on the garden as food scraps can cause bacterial growth.

Can Morning Fresh irritate my skin?

All Morning Fresh dishwashing liquids have been dermatologically tested, and are safe to use on your skin. If you have particularly sensitive skin, ensure gloves are worn when washing your dishes, or you can try our Morning Fresh ECO Fragrance Free dishwashing liquid.

How do I use Morning Fresh Liquid Caps in my dishwasher?

Place one liquid cap into your dispenser and close. If the liquid cap doesn’t fit into the dispenser, place at the bottom of the dishwasher (do not place in cutlery basket).
Do not pierce or unwrap and ensure you handle with dry hands. Morning Fresh Liquid Caps are designed to work in any wash cycle – even the fast wash. Ensure you reseal the packaging and store away from heat and moisture to protect the remainder of your capsules.

How do I use rinse aid?

Ensure that your dishwasher has a built in liquid rinse aid dispenser. Fill this up with Morning Fresh Rinse Aid and your dishwasher will automatically release this during the wash cycle. Morning Fresh Rinse Aid lasts through multiple washes, simply top up the dispenser as required.

How much powder do I use in my dishwasher?

Please refer to your dishwasher owner’s manual for specific recommendations on dosage to use in your machine.

Is it safe to use Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher?

Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid should not be used in the dishwasher as it is designed for use in the sink. If used in the dishwasher, over foaming may occur which can cause damage to your machine. We recommend you use Morning Fresh Liquid Caps, Powder or Gel.

Are Morning Fresh products tested on animals?

It is PZ Cussons policy that our products are not tested on animals. Please click here for more information.

What do I do if I’m not satisfied with the product performance?

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your product, please contact our consumer services team via our Contact Us page.

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